Full Cloud Solution

Full Mobility, Security and ease of access. By moving your files to the cloud, you can rest at ease knowing your data is always available when you need it. Learn More


Hybrid Cloud

Cloud enable your existing server and enjoy the benefits of fast local access, and the mobility of the cloud. Learn More

FileCloud Sync & FileCloud Drive

FileCloud supports Mac, iPhone, Android and Windows PC's. FileCloud Drive allows you to mount all the files and folders in FileCloud that you have access to right to your PC without using space on your local hard drive. So, no matter how much data you have, you can access it.

FileCloud Sync works like any of the top Enterprise File Sync & Share apps and allows you to have a local copy to work on your files and saves those changes to the cloud when you are done. If you are often in areas where the Internet isn't available or reliable, you can edit your files and your changes will automatically be saved to the Cloud when you come back online.

  • Offline File Access

    Work on files and folders from anywhere, and your changes will automatically be saved to the Cloud using FileCloudSync

  • Access All of your company Data

    Access Terabytes of data, without needing to store files locally using FileCloud Drive.

  • Share & Collaboration

    Share files and Folders with clients using FileCloud Link sharing.

Sharing & Collaboration

FileCloud offers a customizable File and Folder sharing option that lets you configure exactly what the invited user is able to do. You can limit them to preview only, or allow them to only download the file once and notify you that they downloaded the file. 

You can even limit the access to a single user, which will allow them to create a Limited User account so they view, download, edit and upload files you shared with them.

Hybrid Cloud

  • Keep your Existing FileServer

    Easy to use and configure Server Sync app lets you add your files to the Cloud with only a few clicks.

  • Maintain Folder Permissions

    Managing your remote users permissions automatically by importing your current file servers settings.

  • Reliable Access

    On the go or in the office, you always have fast reliable access to your files.

FileCloud allows you to take your existing File Server and synchronize your shares up to the Cloud, keeping your local folder permissions in the process. So no matter if you are in the office or on the road, your team will still have access to the files they need.

By Cloud enabling your server, you can now share files and folders with clients or collaborators using FileCloud's robust file sharing link system.