List of SpireTech Cloud Benefits

  • # 10 - Access Your Data Whenever You Want From Wherever You Want

    Just like banks make storing, protecting, and moving money easy to do, today’s SpireTech’s cloud can allow you to do the same with your data.Online banking makes your money available from almost any location at anytime. The same ought to be true for your business’ data — it should be available to use whenever you want from wherever you are.

  • # 9 - Cloud Helps Collaboration

    Cloud allows work to be accessed from multiple devices and from anywhere, which in turns makes it much easier for teams to collaborate on shared data.

  • # 8 - Collaborate At Different Times From Different Locations

    Collaboration more often requires people working together but at different times and from different locations. Cloud can keep work files in sync even when people are on different schedules or in different locations!

  • # 7 - Computer Cost Savings

    Cloud computing dramatically reduces the high costs of purchasing servers and hardware. You can simply pay as you go, get flexibility to make changes when you want, and buy only those services and functions currently needed. There’s no longer the same reasons to over-invest in capital expenditures to protect future growth needs.

  • # 6 - Reduce In-house Risk

    Why be in the “IT Business” when you don’t need to be? Removing the burden of computer server ownership, management and maintenance has both cost and operational advantages.

  • # 5 - Document Control

    The more employees and partners collaborate on documents, the more important issues of document control become. Before the cloud, people needed to share files back and forth as email attachments whenever changes or updates were made. Inevitably, and usually pretty quickly, you end up with a real problems from conflicting or unconnected file names and content.Cloud computing allows all files to be stored centrally and everyone sees one version. The result is improved productivity and decreased data and information errors.

  • # 4 - Better Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Businesses of all sizes benefit from having appropriate disaster recovery tools, but understandably this is not always easy for smaller firms — for reasons from available cash to sufficient expertise. Today, Cloud is enabling most organizations to solve this challenge.

  • # 3 - Competition

    Cloud is a rising platform that is becoming a standard. Businesses that are not able to compete in areas of collaboration, engagement, and costs are more often finding themselves falling behind. While Cloud is not a absolute requirement in all areas or industries, there are increasingly elements of Cloud services that help almost all businesses better compete.

  • # 2 - Software Flexibility

    Software licenses can be tied to people instead of devices. This enables software to be easily transferred, added and removed as the needs of the business change. Microsoft O365 is an example of Cloud software that works in this way – SpireTech is a Tier1 Microsoft partner which enables us to provide our clients with cost and adminstration benefits.

  • # 1 - One Size Does NOT Fit All

    Like banks, Cloud providers can offer very different products and services and charge vastly different rates.At SpireTech, our Cloud is “Local Cloud” — our redundant data center is owned and operated by SpireTech in our main office. Unlike the big cloud companies (Amazon, Google, Rackspace etc), our size allows us to get to know each of our customers’ IT needs in detail, help them choose only what they truly want, and tailor a cloud package with a custom fit for purpose and cost. Let us help you understand how SpireTech Cloud might be able to uniquely help your business!