High Tech Green Solutions at The Tokyo Motor Show

by | Dec 14, 2011 | Upcoming Tech

This year’s Tokyo Motor Show showcased some interesting, wild, and green concept cars. With efficiency in mind, companies unleashed these eco-friendly designs that are both innovative and rather unconventional. Here are just a few.


For those of us who like to rock and roll, Volkswagen revealed their newest Beetle. They have made friends with Fender to bring an audio system to this car that is ready for the main stage. The system includes a 400W 10-channel amplifier, a subwoofer, and two sets of tweeters, one set in the front and one in the back.


This tiny electric car is called a “micro-commuter”. It’s only 98.4 inches long, 49.2 wide, and 56.3 tall and has a top speed of 37 mph. Like something from a video game, the operator sits in the center of the front seat operating the automobile with two joysticks. It carries three people and even though it has a low max speed, its small size makes it ideal for navigating around a dense city.


Daihatsu brought the FC Sho Case to the table. The fuel cells in this car contain no rare earth metals, which make them cheaper to produce. There are LCD panels on its boxy sides that play soothing wave patterns. While this is interesting, passengers must step over these high sides to enter the automobile making this car not very friendly to the elderly or those with injuries.

Toyota and Yamaha

As people look for fuel-efficient ways to get around, we have seen the popularity of mopeds increase in the past years. Toyota partnered with Yamaha to take this one step further with their electric tricycle the EC-Miu. This scooter can be recharged at charging stations utilized by other electric vehicles and will be embedded with Wi-Fi capabilities. Talk about high-tech.

This year’s concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show were very green focused. Every year the designs unveiled at the show seem to get more creative. I can’t wait to see what they bring us next year.