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You should be able to run your business without worrying about IT support or security.

  • Is your current IT service provider unresponsive?
  • Are you confident in your network security?
  • Does your software need to be updated?
  • Are you tired of waiting for IT Support?
  • Are your systems fully protected from hackers?
  • Is your data backed up?

SpireTech® VIPsupportSM Features

We’re in the IT business so you don’t have to be. Our Managed IT Services, called VIPsupportSM, addresses three critical business needs:


Our Portland-based managed IT services team is professional, responsive, and friendly. Your entire staff can call or email anytime.

IT Management

Get professional help with IT Planning and strategy, while our NOC takes care of proactive monitoring, alerts, and remediation.

Data Security

We make sure backups are working, anti-virus is healthy, and operating systems are patched.

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How SpireTech® is Different

Portland Grown + Friendly

Responsive managed IT services and IT project management from friendly SpireTech professionals located in Portland, OR. We’re owned by a couple of Benson Tech grads, and founded in 1993.

A true partnership

We get to know your business, your objectives, and processes intimately. We’re focused on your long-term success, and technical strategies that enable your positive business outcomes.

No Surprise Bills

If something is not included in your plan, we’ll always seek advance approval before proceeding. You’ll enjoy our easy-to-understand unified billing, with all your services appearing on one invoice per month.

Microsoft 365 Focused

We get to know your business, your objectives, and processes intimately. We’re focused on your long-term success, and technical strategies that enable your positive business outcomes.

The SpireTech® Promise

We are helpful and professional

When you need help, we are composed, respectful, and prepared.

We listen, and have patience and empathy – we’re never rude, and don’t speak technobabble.

We are proactive

We work proactively to nip small problems in the bud before they become big ones.

We oversee your security and patching. We work constantly to make sure you are secure.

We’ll advise you of things we need you to do to prevent problems.

We are curious

We’re always learning and seeking knowledge. We ask why and how, and we embrace change.

Through this, we often find ways to streamline processes and improve business outcomes for our clients.

We act with integrity

We are honest, ethical, and trustworthy.

We act in our client’s best interest, and always protect privacy.


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Popular Plans

We’re happy to help our clients select the Services that are right for them. Just contact us with any questions!

Key Benefits

  • Unlimited support by phone/email for up to 10 people
  • Firewall support, Antivirus + malware protection
  • Computer patch management
  • Onsite support billed hourly

Everything in startup, plus:

  • Onsite support included
  • Server and network management
  • Annual technical review + planning
  • Technical advisory services
  • Project work billed hourly



Everything in Business, plus:

  • Bi-annual technical review + planning
  • On-call technical advisory services
  • After-hours + weekend emergency support
  • Phone system support

Having the Right Managed IT Services Partner Matters

  • Thousands of Systems Managed
  • Over 50,000 customer issues resolved
  • Trusted Portland Business Partner

The world of technology is ever changing, and so are we.

Book a 30-minute no-obligation web meeting with us, and we’ll listen and learn about your current situation and see if we can help!