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Data & User Security

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Are you getting what you’re paying for?

  • Not using all the features?

  • Tired of waiting for IT Support?
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  • Stuck using Google Docs?

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Essential Microsoft 365 Features

Is your organization fully tapped into the power of Microsoft 365? Use these three features to fully unleash your team’s productivity.


Easily chat, call, meet, and collaborate in real-time, anytime, anywhere.


Edit Office documents simultaneously with your peers using programs you’re already familiar with, just like google docs.

Sharepoint + OneDrive

Access your work and personal files from anywhere, no Server or VPN required!

Get Everything Microsoft 365 has to offer

1. Schedule An Appointment

1. Schedule An Appointment

2. Select A Plan

2. Select A Plan

3. Happy and productive Team

3. Launch

How SpireTech is Different

Consultative Approach

We help you determine the best way to utilize Sharepoint and other tools based on your operations and goals.

Security Focused

Our exclusive Security Essentials Pack helps automatically keep your M365 tenant secure.

Unified Billing

SpireTech Microsoft 365 clients enjoy easy-to-understand unified billing, with all your services appearing on one invoice per month.

Local Support

Professional technical support and project services from SpireTech employees located in Portland, OR.

Compare Microsoft 365 Plans

Popular Plans

We’re happy to help our clients select the Microsoft 365 Services that are right for them. Here are two of the most popular choices:

Microsoft 365 Standard
  • $12.50/mo
  • Full versions of Office on up to 5 devices per user
  • Exchange Online
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint Online
  • Teams

Microsoft 365 Premium
  • $20/mo
  • Everything in Standard, plus more security and features
  • Azure Active Directory P1
  • Office365 Advanced Threat Protection P1
  • Intune + Device Management
  • Plus much, much more!

Full Microsoft 365 Feature Comparison

We’ve prepared a comprehensive comparison of all the Microsoft 365 features, plans and pricing. This information helps us help you make sure you’re getting exactly the features you need at the best price. There is a tremendous amount of information presented here, but we’re here to help!

Compare M365 Plans

SpireTech Security Essentials Pack for M365

SpireTech Managed Services clients can subscribe to our security pack, which comes with the following enhancements for Microsoft 365. Pricing varies depending on the size of your organization.
Real time location monitoring

We monitor the login locations for every sign in, and alert on activities outside of expected regions.

External forward monitoring

We monitor automatic forwarding rules. A common tactic employed by hackers to exfiltrate data.

Mailbox auditing

Logs actions taken by users in their and other’s mailboxes.

M365 License tracker

Get notified every time a license is added or removed from your account, and receive a monthly report of all licenses, use, and assignments.

Email Spoofing Protection

Get a warning when an external user attempts to impersonate any internal user, including managers.

Monthly Security Report

A detailed report of several key system and security aspects of your M365 tenant. A necessity for regulated industries, and great peace of mind for everyone else.

Admin role tracking

Office 365 Admin role changes are monitored and reported daily. Get alerted if a hacker has added themselves.

External Sender Warnings

Adds a banner message to emails that come from outside the company.

Audit Logging

Logging and auditing is enabled across all Office 365 services and mailboxes.

MFA Secured

Multi-factor authentication is enabled and enforced for all users.

Professional Management

SpireTech monitors and manages your M365 tenant, keeping you up to date on all the latest security and productivity best practices.

Having the Right IT Partner Matters

Thousands of Systems Managed
Thousands of Systems Managed
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Over 15,000 customer issues resolved
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Trusted Portland Business Partner