Coffee & Power

by | Mar 2, 2012 | Uncategorized

Coffee & Power is expanding its northwest presence at the Urban Grind Coffeehouse in downtown Portland. Already with locations in San Francisco and Santa Monica, the bay-area based company is expanding to it’s third location to tap the skills of Portland’s freelance community. With micro-sales for things ranging from tutoring, advice to logo design – it’s best left for C&P to describe exactly what they do:

Coffee & Power is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell small jobs, enabling a new breed of mobile workers to connect in a way that’s fast, low-friction, and fun. Coffee & Power’s innovative marketplace includes its own payment system, live communications and public chat, a game-like rating and review system, and a several real-world facilities where users can meet and work together.

This idea sounds like it will work really well in the uniquely independent atmosphere of the Portland creative and technical communities. To get things going, they will be hosting a startup event on March 14th and will feature Coffee & Power co-founder Philip Rosedale as well as Scott Kverton, co-founder and CEO of Urban Airship, a Portland based mobile platform development studio.