OneDrive/Sharepoint is now ready for prime time

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Cloud, Office 365

Several years ago, we hated OneDrive and had massive problems with efforts to implement it with our clients. We’re happy to say now that it works, and works well.  Microsoft has made great strides in improving the product and it is now a valid replacement for third party solutions like Box, Dropbox, FileCloud, and for many small businesses, even an on-premise file server. 

Recently, we’ve been working with clients to remove other collaboration solutions and get them onto SharePoint/OneDrive, and they’ve been happy with the results.  SharePoint allows you to setup shares for teams of people and integrates well with the windows 10 file explorer and OneDrive.  It even allows multi-user editing of documents at the same time with others, much like google docs has for years.  You can tell it to backup your personal documents folder and make it available on all your devices.  

“Syncing” of all the data is not required – you can have access to far more data that is available on your local hard drive – but you can tell it to keep certain files available locally if you want, for offline use and editing. 

Perhaps best of all, it’s included with the Office365 subscription you’re already paying for, so if you’re paying for another product, you can save some money by moving to OneDrive.  

Let us know if you’re interested in implementing SharePoint or OneDrive in your organization, and we’ll talk through the issues and see if there is a fit.