Spire attends HostingCon Global 2016 conference

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Company News and Announcements, Managed Services, Web

IMG_6042At Spire, we’re constantly on the lookout for new technology that gives us or our clients the competitive edge.  While we don’t want to be bleeding edge, we do want to be ahead of the mainstream. We take vendor and technology selection very seriously, and only a few carefully chosen ones make the cut.

Why are we telling our clients this?  We want you to know we aren’t sitting around waiting for technology to pass us by.  Investing the time and money to attend conferences like HostingCon regularly is an important part of keeping up with the fast pace of change in our industry.

Many Managed Service providers (MSP’s) are attempting to get into the hosting business, and many Hosting/Cloud companies are trying to enter the managed services space.  The lines are getting blurred as technology converges into more “as a service” and cloud.  We’re already there, and have been for many years – and while our competitors are trying to figure it out, we’ve already got a solid foundation to build upon.

We pass our accumulated knowledge and recommendations on to our clients as part of our vCIO services, or incorporate them into innovative new service offerings that will benefit our clients.  We’ve got several new technologies we are evaluating moving forward, and hope that at least one or two will make the cut.  If you aren’t onboard with Spire yet – hop on – it’s never boring here!