Paying your SpireTech bill with a Credit Card? Please read!

by | Feb 10, 2022 | Business, Company News and Announcements

After March 1 2022, clients paying by credit card will need to re-enter their credit card information into the SpireTech billing portal. This is because we are changing merchant account processors to Stripe to save money on processing fees. At SpireTech last year, credit card fees exceeded the cost of another full-time employee. We appreciate your cooperation.

When we implement the change, we will send a separate email to your billing contact reminding them to log in to our customer portal and enter your new payment information. The only way we will be taking new credit card information is through the customer portal – phone and other methods are prohibited due to PCI compliance issues. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

We are also adding support for payment via ACH where we can automatically withdraw from your banking account. This has been a often-requested feature, and would serve to further reduce costs and keep our prices affordable. To use the ACH method, you must log in to the SpireTech billing portal ( and use the ‘Update’ button under ‘Your Info’ on the home page to set the payment method to ACH. The next step requires you to have an unpaid invoice, so you may need to wait until a new one is generated. Navigate to Billing->My Invoices and click an unpaid invoice. You should see the payment method is set to ‘ACH’ and use the ‘Pay Now’ button at which point you will be given the ability to add banking information. Once you have successfully paid the first invoice, the same banking information will be used for future invoices. As always, if you have problems or questions, please contact our support staff for assistance.