Windows Server 2012 ends its ten-year reign

by | Aug 5, 2022 | Managed Service Client updates, Cloud, Office 365, Windows

Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 will soon be ending its ten years of service. Its End-of-Life date is October 10, 2023. Why does this matter now? If you use Windows Server for your business, upgrading to a newer version of Windows Server, like Windows Server 2022, can take a year or more. Don’t let this End-of-Life deadline catch you unprepared. If you use Microsoft Server now, double check your version.

Not upgrading your software properly will lead to higher security risks with less protection. The less support a product has, the more flaws exist for malware or hackers to exploit. Upgrade your hardware to the newest product: Windows Server 2019 or Windows Server 2022.  Although Windows Server can be upgraded through a maximum of two versions, we usually recommend replacing a dated server with new hardware.

There are premium support options through Microsoft that would provide a customer with continued support for Windows Server 2012, such as the Extended Security Update (ESU). This paid option provides an additional three years of security updates after the Extended Support phase ends, but your software will not be optimized.

There are three main phases to Microsoft’s Server products: Mainstream Support, Extended Support, and End of Support. For the first five years, a product is in its Mainstream Support phase. After that, there are five years of Extended Support. Windows Server 2012 is one year from its End of Support phase.

As a product enters its End of Support phase, it no longer receives non-security updates. Your old software just gets older, with zero tech Botox to see it through. Even though products in their End of Support phase still receive security updates, having the older software creates a security risk.

Many clients are replacing or reducing server counts using cloud-based technologies like SharePoint and Microsoft 365.  If you still use Microsoft Server 2012, and are ready to discuss options, please reach out to start planning your replacement soon.  If we don’t hear from you, SpireTech VIPsupport managed services clients will be hearing from us proactively in the coming months to prepare for these updates.

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