SpireTech Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

by | Jun 28, 2023 | Company News and Announcements, Business

SpireTech CEO Scott Cook addresses the crowd at the 30th anniversary celebration.

SpireTech was incorporated as a business in February of 1993. It was not guaranteed to be a success. Scott Cook, current CEO, and the other founder had left their day jobs to pursue this dream. Scott had $500 in the bank and a new house to make payments on. He shared with the crowd at our party, “There was a lot of top ramen and mac and cheese consumed in those early days.  There were many months I went without a paycheck.”  

30 years later, technology isn’t recognizable, the devices got smaller and it’s odd if someone doesn’t have email. SpireTech changed from a pure consulting firm by adding on Internet Services like web and server hosting. Now, we’re laser focused on Managed IT services – concerned with cybersecurity, AI, automating work tasks and leveraging technology to boost your business. That has remained constant: how can we help you use technology for the better? 

CEO and cofounder of the company Scott Cook often likes to say, “The only constant in this business is change.” In the tech world, this is even more true.  This means we cannot remain stagnant, clutching onto our old ways of doing things – we must always be learning, and seeking better ways to perform our daily work. 

SpireTech celebrated its 30th anniversary in a big bash held at OMSI. We were able to enjoy waterfront views, a summer breeze, top-notch food and drink from the Epicurean catering team and tunes DJ’ed by SpireTech’s very own employee Ryan. As an homage to when it all began, our music featured hits from the 80s and 90s—anything to make us feel like we’re back there in 1993.  

We knew from the beginning, this party wasn’t just for us and our employees—our success is due to our wonderful clients, too. We wanted everyone to celebrate with us.  

Near the bar was the Tech Museum, an indulgent peek into the past, with items like a Commodore VIC-20 computer, old business standards like Novell Netware or WordPerfect. There were floppy disks, past iterations of logos, phonebook ads, advertisements for the Internet, and other treasures that still deserve their due. People exclaimed over old systems they hadn’t seen since their childhoods and others looked at the old devices for the very first time in their lives. 

Shot of SpireTech's 30th anniversary at OMSI: People gathered, hanging lights, and a view of a Portland bridge beyond.

While addressing the crowd, Scott said, “We are constant learners in the technology space, which means we need to embrace change rather than resist it.” 

Looking forward, SpireTech’s biggest consideration for protecting your businesses lies in security. Threats evolve every month, every week, and we continue to push that prevention is the best form of protection. Responding to a security incident after it’s happened is, in our opinion, too late.  

Being able to connect with our clients in-person at this event was invaluable. Customers who had only interacted with employees via the Service Desk got to meet the people who helped them solve all of their tech problems. A lot of our work can be backend and behind the scenes, but that night, all of our employees were front and center.  

Thank you for your continued support. Thank you for celebrating with us. Thirty years strong, we will continue to support you and improve your business.  

Here’s to thirty more.