Windows 8 Beta is Coming

by | Feb 10, 2012 | Windows

Microsoft is getting ready to unveil their new operating system, Windows 8, to the beta community. There has already been a lot of controversy surrounding the direction they are taking. Users that have seen the results of Microsoft’s labor are wondering what happened to their desktop. The interface has several options, the “Metro” look of brightly colored tiles used by their phone OS, or the classic windows 7 look.

Microsoft hasn’t done very well in the mobile computing market. This aesthetic choice is definitely a move to pick up some attention among tablet users as other companies, like Apple and Google, have left everyone behind in almost cartoonist fashion. While some are frustrated with this new interface, others are happy to see a lot of the usual desktop clutter gone. The most difficult change for either camp will be the lack of the iconic “Start” button that became the springboard for most users since Windows 95. Though Windows 7 did a lot to win back the trust lost over Vista’s pitfalls, the tech community is still a little gun shy. Time will tell if they can maintain that uptrend with this new version.