No Office for iPad says Microsoft. (Really?)

by | Mar 2, 2012 | Office 365, Hardware, Windows

In response to an article at The Daily that Office for the iPad coming in the next few weeks, Microsoft denied it’s developing an iPad version of Office Suite; a move that suggests they want to strengthen their own attempt into the tablet arena. This comes as a curious and cynical play by the software giant. The market for tablet computing is growing quickly; the iPad is the front runner with current competition from Android and Kindle. Microsoft is set to throw their hat in the ring with its next release of Windows which has a heavy focus toward a tablet interface. (See the next article for information about Windows 8). What doesn’t make sense about this is there are ways to use Office products on an iPad using iPad workplace integration tools like Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (previously known as terminal server), or from companies like Citrix. The browser versions of office available on office 365 also work on Safari on the iPad as well. Contact SpireTech if you’d like to discuss the options available for your office.