Tablet Wars

by | Jul 2, 2012 | Hardware

Both Microsoft and Google presented a new tablet in the last few weeks of June. Over the coming months we’ll explore the features and flaws of these devices as more detail is exposed.

There will be time to explore the differences as we highlight each of these devices but there is a large similarity to be seen so far – Cloud Storage. Both companies have seen the release of their own cloud storage networks for access to documents, pictures, and music on all your devices; these tablets are no exception. Both integrate their respective cloud storage to improve reliability and mobility.

Both will be struggling against the juggernaut, Apple, for user’s attention. There is no question that the iPad is the leader of the pack in the tablet arena. The question is – will Google and Microsoft been able to set themselves apart from Apple with their features. This is more of a larger surprise from Microsoft than Google as Microsoft has mainly stood square in the realm of producing software rather than physical appliances. The XBox is the only product under their belt and it is not known for its business application. Google has already treaded the waters with their smart phone and video streaming appliances.