10 Surefire Signs You’re a Supertasker

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Used with the permission of http://thenetwork.cisco.com
by Kati Dahm

SupertaskerMore than 4 out of 10 young professionals are Supertaskers, toggling seamlessly between apps and devices for personal and work tasks. With data from a 2014 survey of professionals and businesses who use technology in and outside the office, here are the 10 signs you’re definitely a supertasker:

  1. One is the loneliest number: Reading this on your smartphone while OITNB plays on your tablet and you update an excel file on your laptop? If you’ve got any combination of these items near you, you’re in the majority of professionals who use two to three work and personal devices on a daily basis.
  2. That special someone: You roll over and hit snooze while checking your 30 new emails, four texts and three Snapchats. More than half of Gen Y looks at their smartphones immediately upon waking up – that’s before you give a glance to your significant other. Ouch.
  3. Sure, I’d miss my gym card, but… One in five Gen X and Gen Y workers would be most concerned about losing their smartphone if robbed.
  4. Data > Security: In exchange for a free smartphone with unlimited data service, 4 in 10 young professionals would allow their service provider access to all of the data and information stored on the phone. What’s a little privacy between friends?
  5. Ditching the hardline: The majority of young professionals would choose their smartphones over television if pressed. Binge-watching sans commercials while catching up on emails, anyone?
  6. You flex your mobile skills: While salary is the most important factor for most in their decision to accept a position, the flexibility to set their own schedule or the ability to work remotely is most important to roughly 1 in 5 Gen X and Gen Y professionals, as well as one third of HR professionals.
  7. YOU get an app and YOU get an app! About half of young professionals have more than 20 personal apps on their mobile device. Some days, Millennials rely solely on apps to get through the day!
  8. Supertasking to get that promo: Do you use your supertasking skills to get ahead? The majority of HR professionals believe Supertaskers increases an organization’s productivity and increase the expectations of a “high performer” at their organization.
  9. ALWAYS on: Are you replying to an email after last call? You’re not alone. More than half of young professionals consider themselves accessible for work 24/7, including 3 in 10 who are accessible at all hours by both email and phone.
  10. Working from Mars: If you’re already working from the coffee shop at 7 p.m., why not work from Mars? A quarter of modern workers would relocate to Mars or another planet if their company opened a branch there. Why not supertask with a new view?

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