5 New Features of Windows 10 You Need to Know About

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Managed Service Client updates, Windows

Update: Microsoft has stopped deploying build 1809 due to reports of lost data. At this time there is not a new release window. More information can be found at this link.

Microsoft Windows runs 87% of the world’s computers.

Windows 10 is the latest version and keeps evolving to bring you the best experience when it comes to your phone and PC.

In October 2018 the latest update to the popular software is rolling out and there are even more changes. But which features are really worth your while and which are just fluff?

Here are five of the most exciting Windows 10 features new in October.

Dark Mode

One of the most simplest yet biggest updates to Windows is Dark Mode.

But why is dark mode so popular? There are three main reasons.

One reason is a dark screen will extend your battery life, which is always welcome. Another reason is that less blue light has been proven to help your sleep cycle.

But the main benefit is that a dark screen with white text is much easier on your eyes when reading at night. And be honest, who hasn’t been on their computer late at night before?

Text Messages on Your Desktop

Another cool feature is the ability to send text messages from your computer.

The text messages will still go through your phone, but you can send them right from your desktop. This may be more useful than you may think!

Imagine you’re at work sitting at your desk. You get a text message and can instantly respond to it and get back to your work within seconds, without ever having to look at your phone!

Sync Photos from Phone to PC

Some people love to take pictures on their phones and then share them with other people through their desktop.

Until now that has always been a pain. You would have to email yourself the photos, download them, or use a third party app to sync everything.

Now you are able to get on your computer and use a drag-and-drop interface to instantly view all the photos you’ve taken on your phone.

Snip & Sketch

Speaking of photos, the new and improved screenshot tool called Snip & Sketch will make life a lot easier for you.

Taking screenshots, opening them up in a photo editor, cropping them, editing them used to take forever.

Now you just press a quick key and…voila!

You can instantly crop, edit, add text or whatever else you need. This improved tool makes sharing pictures and information a lot faster and easier.

HDR Support Improvements

If you have an ultra nice HDR monitor, this feature will be right up your alley.

Improved HDR support will make next-gen gaming and streaming movies look way better than they ever have before. There is even support for the new Nvidia ray tracing GPUs.

More Windows 10 Features

These are just some of our favorite new Windows 10 features. For tips on how to make the most out of your Windows experience, visit the SpireTech website.

We can show you how to utilize your desktop more than ever before and can provide tech support and IT services for all your needs.