Client Success Story: Microsoft 365

by | Dec 10, 2020 | Office 365, Cloud, Managed Services

About The Client

Client: Non-Profit Organization

Location: Portland, Oregon 

Size: 11-50 Employees 

Our Client, a local Non-Profit here in Portland, Oregon, wanted to consolidate their IT infrastructure and move to a fully remote work model. Though they already had Microsoft 365, they knew they were underutilizing it and paying for multiple redundant services.  Spire quickly audited and reconfigured their IT solutions, saving them money while building a strong business foundation in Microsoft 365 and adding in security measures to keep them safe while they worked remotely.  

The Frustration 

They were already paying for redundant cloud services, and needed to accelerate the move to remote work due to Covid. They approached us about our consulting for Microsoft 365 services, knowing we could help them better utilize the platform and advice on what redundant services they could remove.  

The Fix 

During our process, our Non-Profit decided they wanted to close down and give up their office. We immediately implemented Azure AD to create an employee directory, allowing their team to securely access their files while they worked remotely. We also added extra security layers, anticipating the new cyber threats their organization would face from managing remote workers. Additionally, we configured their MS endpoint manager to provide support and initiate software updates no matter where their devices were located.  

We then worked to consolidate their file storage solutions into OneDrive and SharePoint, eliminating their previous server storage with us and files that had in a separate cloud storage solution- saving them money and centralizing their data.  

Next, we worked to eliminate another redundant paid service, Slack, by switching to Microsoft teams. We educated their team on how to leverage the communication tool and creating channels for their departments.  

The Future 

Our solution was crafted specifically to meet the needs of their organization now but doesn’t limit them in the future. We have all learned to expect the unexpected, and so we wanted to ensure we helped them utilize the entire Microsoft 365 environment to support their business.  We know this will make them flexible enough to grow and accommodate a multitude of work models. 

Our client is now ready for whatever comes their way and feels free from the constraints of their previous system. Now more agile, they are excited to adapt their service offerings to the changing world and continue to positively impact their clientele.  

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