Starlink Internet service an option for Rural areas

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Hardware, Upcoming Tech

We’ve been watching Elon Musk’s new satellite-based internet service with interest.  SpaceX opened it up to more people last night, and if you are working remotely and live in an area where high speed internet isn’t available to you, you might want to get signed up.  People that sign up now are supposed to receive their equipment later this year.  Speeds are up to 150mb/sec with latency in the 40ms range, which is better than old DSL lines and most cellular-based services.

It is not a mobile solution – it is not intended for use while traveling, unfortunately.  Service is locked to the general area around the address you provide when signing up.  The satellite dish automatically aims itself, so installation is relatively straightforward.  Pre-orders are $99 (refundable), the equipment is $500, service is $99/mo, and you can sign up at  

This is an option for people who can’t get fast service over fiber or cable – perhaps those still limited to old copper lines. Cable internet is still faster and cheaper.