Starlink offers new “service portability” internet connectivity 

by | May 5, 2022 | Upcoming Tech, Web

Digital nomads and really remote workers have probably heard of Starlink – SpaceX’s satellite-based internet connectivity service.  Designed as a high-speed connectivity option where no other wired or cellular options exist, Starlink is a good choice for people who have no other option for internet connectivity.  

Service portability is a new feature rolled out this week that allows customers to move their dish to a new location (other than your home location) within the same continent for an extra $25/mo.  For US workers, that means Canada and Mexico coverage areas are currently included.   

Sorry Alaskans – nothing available that far north yet.  Starlink plans to eventually have worldwide coverage.  If you’ve ever traveled and tried to use cellular service to maintain internet connectivity, and run into data caps, speed issues, or no-service situations, you might be glad to fork over the extra money for this service. 

It doesn’t come cheap though – Starlink’s service starts at $110/mo, and the portability option raises the fee to $135/mo – far more expensive than cellular.  The benefit is that it will work pretty much anywhere you have a clear view of the sky, but that means trees are bad.  There are no data caps and download speeds are typically in the 100-300mb/s range.  Uploads are less, around 10mb/s, but many digital nomads have reported being able to attend online Teams and Zoom meetings all day without trouble. 

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