Copilot Pricing, Additional Capabilities Announced by Microsoft | Updated October 2023

by | Aug 2, 2023 | Office 365, Business, Upcoming Tech

Photo courtesy of Microsoft

At Microsoft Inspire 2023, the annual event in which Microsoft partners get a look at what is coming in the next year for Microsoft, Microsoft finally announced pricing for Copilot: $30 per user per month for users who are at subscription level Business Standard and above. 

Beginning in November 2023, Copilot will be available to enterprises with 300 employees or more. People expect a slow rollout of other business sizes.

This is a steep price tag to many, especially to people who are outside the Microsoft ecosystem. But Copilot wasn’t made for them; everything about it is meant to interact and flow with the most used Microsoft applications.  

Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate VP and Consumer Chief Marketing Officer, says, “We’re learning that the more customers use Copilot, the more their enthusiasm for Copilot grows. Soon, no one will want to work without it.” Microsoft believes their product will change users’ workday, workflow, and productivity. They might believe $30/month undersells it.  

Microsoft Copilot is an incredibly powerful AI tool that will be able to take in an organization’s business data, including emails, calendar, chats, and documents, and create information from it. Microsoft Copilot will use its AI engine to “organize, visualize, extrapolate and explain.”  

In addition, Microsoft Inspire unveiled Microsoft 365 Copilot for Teams Phones. This is an exciting addition that will allow Teams users to easily generate call summaries, ask questions, or capture and visualize action items. This functionality is available both VoIP and PSTN.  

People with security concerns about Copilot can rest easy: Copilot will adopt an organization’s already existing policies: encompassing security, privacy, identity and compliance. This intuition is followed through the tenant level: Copilot will automatically adhere to the settings configured for individuals and groups.  

Right now, nearly everything the public knows and understands about Microsoft 365 Copilot comes from Microsoft; though there are early test users enjoying the product, what they think isn’t shared with us. $30/month is a big ask for some companies, but if Copilot is as amazing and revolutionary as Microsoft says, that price tag may well be worth it. Microsoft Copilot has created big shoes to fill; we’ll see if they fill them.  

Updated October 2023 to reflect that Copilot will first be available to businesses with 300 employees or more.