Surprise Announcement: Bing Chat Enterprise for Business

by | Aug 2, 2023 | Office 365, Upcoming Tech, Web

Microsoft launched the new version of Bing in February of 2023; on July 18, 2023, they announced Bing Chat Enterprise.  

Promotional photo of Bing Chat Enterprise in use, courtesy of Microsoft.
Photo courtesy of Microsoft.

The company cites corporate customers’ thoughts for this launch: “we’ve heard from many corporate customers who are excited to empower their organizations with powerful new AI tools but are concerned that their companies’ data will not be protected.” This is true: using regular consumer Bing Chat for functions of an organization could lead to unsuspecting security issues. This is why Bing Chat Enterprise is an exciting tool for the corporate world.  

That is the main benefit of Bing Chat Enterprise: the chat is private and protected. Bing Chat Enterprise brags Commercial Data-level protection, promising that user and business data will not leave the organization. As the information passes from user to Bing, it is protected in transit. Not only does Bing Chat Enterprise enable corporate users to leverage Bing on a wider variety of tasks, but Microsoft also does not have access to the information at all, nor is the data used to train large language models, or LLMs. 

Bing Chat Enterprise will be available and free for Microsoft 365 users who subscribe to at least the Business Standard tier. This means Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Microsoft 365 E3, and Microsoft 365 E5 tiers are included as well. It will be available as a standalone product eventually with a price of $5/user per month.  

For SpireTech Clients: 

This is an exciting addition to Microsoft 365 capability; we have already launched Bing Chat Enterprise within our company.  

If you want to use it for your organization, a global administrator will need to enable it.  We will do this for free for VIP Support clients that request it – please have your authorized contact email the service desk requesting that it be turned on for your company.