Six things to ask your future MSP

by | Oct 14, 2023 | Managed Services, Business

People in a meeting choosing the best IT Services company for their needs

Your business’ IT infrastructure and operations is critically important.  In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, it’s more crucial than ever to thoroughly vet potential IT service vendors.

At SpireTech, we’re not just another MSP.

With over three decades of experience in delivering top-notch IT Support for Business, we understand that not all MSPs are created equal. Let us guide you through the maze of MSP operations and show you what sets us apart.

Help Desk

Picture this: Your employees are in the thick of their work when they encounter an IT hiccup. Do they have a lifeline to call for help? Does your MSP run a dedicated help desk, or do they outsource the very support you’ve outsourced to them?

Our Help Desk:

  • Available during PST work hours, 8 am to 5 pm
  • Help available via phone, email, or ticketing system.
  • Unlimited help for your employees
  • Friendly, instructive, and respectful
  • Our help desk is majority local to the Portland area

These points are integral to a help desk that will serve your business well. What matters to you and your employees? Our help desk was structured with your needs in mind.

Tech Advisory Services

It can be difficult to choose the best suite of technology and devices for a company. It can be time-consuming and confusing. Unless a person lives and breathes tech, it is impossible to understand the full array of options available to an organization.

That’s where we come in. Our tech advisory services provide a company with IT consulting services on a schedule we decide together. Because we have clients in small, startup organizations, to clients with many employees who need to ensure that they all stay secure, SpireTech understands that a tech advisory solution needs to be personalized for each individual organization.

What are your technology goals? How do you want to leverage technology to make your job easier, and the jobs of your employees? How do you want to save time in your day-to-day workday? Think about it. We can make it happen.

A Local, Full-Time Team

At our company, we believe that local talent is key to providing excellent IT services. That’s why we do not outsource our work overseas. Instead, we hire full-time employees who live and work in Portland, OR (except for a few in other states!). This approach allows us to ensure the quality of our services and maintain consistency in our work.

In addition to a low employee turnover rate, SpireTech works hard to ensure your service is reliable and top-notch.

Data Backup and Recovery

Your data is the lifeblood of your business. It contains valuable information about your customers, products, services, finances, operations, and more. Losing it could mean losing your business functionality, your customer loyalty, and your legal compliance. That’s why you need a dependable partner for IT Support that can offer you data backup and recovery services that are: regular, safe, quick, and adaptable.

Some organizations, especially if they are in the Microsoft family already, may believe that they are enrolled into data backup and recovery already, because data like emails and files are “backed up” online. What this entails in actuality is replicating your files, and Microsoft also replicates deletes. Meaning that if your organization gets hit with a data wipe, Microsoft will replicate those disastrous deletions.

Don’t let data loss destroy your business. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with data backup and recovery.


At our company, we understand that effective IT security goes beyond just technology. It involves a holistic approach that includes:

  • top-notch endpoint detection
  • thorough admin auditing and logging
  • continuous monitoring of every endpoint

To complement these services, we also offer engaging security training for employees, ensuring they are an integral part of your organization’s security strategy.

Culture and Experience

How long have they been providing managed IT services? What industries do they specialize in?

SpireTech has been providing managed IT services since 1993, making us one of the most experienced and respected IT support providers in the Portland area. Another question you should ask your IT services MSP is what industries they specialize in or have experience with. This can help someone evaluate if they have the appropriate knowledge and experience to address a business’ specific IT needs and problems.

Our company culture is centered around the happiness and fulfillment of our employees. We aim to create a calm work environment where everyone feels valued and content. Our low turnover rate speaks volumes about our commitment to employee satisfaction.

We also want our employees to act and think like owners of the company. We trust our employees to act in the best interest of the company, and they do.

We hope this helped

At SpireTech we have invested in resources to be able to meet these important business criteria.  If you’d like to learn about our MSP practices, we would be very happy to meet with you in a 30-minute, no-commitment virtual meeting.