Windows 10: Should you upgrade now?

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Windows, Managed Service Client updates


With the Windows 10 update notification looming in the taskbar reminding you that it’s a free upgrade for those who would like it, many are considering taking the plunge and installing Microsoft’s latest offering. The question is, should you update to Windows 10 now?

The answer is: Not yet.

The latest version of Windows has addressed many of the shortcomings of the previous versions: The difficult to navigate and often cumbersome tile based interface of Windows 8 is gone, and has been replaced by the more familiar start menu and desktop.  Their Edge browser is a welcome upgrade from Internet Explorer. Microsoft is offering this upgrade free (for the first year only) to anyone who currently has a copy of Windows 7 or above, and whose system meets the minimum requirements.

Still, we would recommend waiting out the first few weeks at least before installing Windows 10. The biggest reason being drivers and stability. If you rely on a webcam, fingerprint scanner, or any other peripheral you may find it no longer works out of the box, and you may have to hunt down the drivers from the manufacturer’s website in order to get them working again.

So sit back and let everyone else go through the first wave of bugs and driver problems, and after things have settled a bit then feel free to upgrade to Windows 10.