Office365 streamlines management of software licenses

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Office 365, Managed Service Client updates

Manage People, not software licenses and keys

You’ve probably had one or more of the following things happen in your business:

  • You need to reinstall some software on a new computer, but you can’t find the media or serial numbers.
  • An employee needs some software installed on a home computer, so they can work from home.
  • Someone leaves the company, or you need to make personnel changes.

Office 365 simplifies license management by making it so you are managing people, not keys. When dealing with large numbers of users keeping all of their licensing straight can be challenging, but Office 365’s easy-to-use website has streamlined license management:

  • Software is downloaded. No license keys are needed, instead it’s based on employee logins. Need to reinstall? No problem.
  • Each person can install the office software on up to 5 devices, including tablets and home computers.
  • Staff reductions or changes? No problem, reassign your licenses to new users or reduce your seat count.

You can mix-and-match versions and features. Some employees need Microsoft Access, some not? What about email-only? No problem – SpireTech can show you how.

Office365 management is included for our VIP Support customers at no extra change. SpireTech now offers consolidated billing of Office365 licenses onto your SpireTech invoice, as well as advice on appropriate editions and licensing. Let us show you how!