FileCloud- Enterprise File Sync & Share

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Cloud, Company News and Announcements

SpireTech is continually seeking innovative solutions to keep our clients up to date with current options. One of the products we’ve been offering is called FileCloud, which can serve as a file server replacement (when only cloud is needed), or as a hybrid that combines both cloud and on-premises file access that is compatible with Windows servers, workstations, and also Macs. It enables employees to work anywhere, anytime, without the need for VPN software that can sometimes be slow and/or clunky.

Why Might You Choose to Use FileCloud?

FileCloud brings Enterprise level features and capabilities without complex or costly software licensing requirements. The FileCloud price is competitive with other major file sharing platforms, and at the same time allows you to meet data security or compliance requirements in a variety of ways.

FileCloud Sync

The FileCloud Sync app provides the same features you see in some of the major file sharing applications that you may have used in the past, without the worry of not knowing where your data is actually stored and who it is that can access it.

FileCloud Sync allows you to synchronize, if you choose, both personal files (those files stored by you in a local folder than shared folder) as well as your company shared folders — which FileCloud calls “Team Folders.” You can also choose to work on files when you do not have access to the Internet, and as soon as you come back online all your changes and also any changes made to the files by other users will automatically sync between your computer and the FileCloud server. You can even configure FileCloud to store all data on a removable USB drive to keep your computer’s disk space free, or you can selectively sync folders and files you need to work on, whatever solution works best for you.

FileCloud Drive

An issue with traditional Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) systems has been that you either need to work entirely in the cloud to access all of your company data, or you needed to monitor and configure a sync application to download what you need without filling up your local hard drive. The Drive application connects to the FileCloud folders and creates a special Mapped Drive on your PC. This drive map accesses files and folders on the fly, allowing you to access your entire company data folders without using up your local Hard Drive space. You can also directly share files and folders to users outside your organization from your PC as the system is fully integrated into Windows Explorer, making collaborating and sharing files fast and simple.


FileCloud is designed to make sharing and working with collaborators on projects simple and affordable. You can create a share link to any file and folder, and from within that share control if the user is able to Preview the document, can only download the file Once, set an expiration date, or require the user to create a Guest account so they can edit the files you shared with them.

FileCloud also provides full Audit logs and Notifications, so you can always know if a client downloaded a file you sent them, or if they made changes to a file. With the Audit logs, you will always know who last edited a file, how they accessed it, and where they were accessing it from.

Edit documents Online

One recently added feature to FileCloud is the ability to edit documents in your web browser using Office Web applications. If you have a valid Office 365 account, you can choose to edit any standard Office document using online apps and the changes are automatically saved directly back to the FileCloud system. So any guest user with a valid Office 365 account can edit documents without having to Download, edit, then re-upload the file and make sure they are putting it back into its proper place.


Mobile Apps

FileCloud has also built mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, so if you need to view a document while on the go, FileCloud has the tools you need.

If you’d like more information about FileCloud and how it might benefit your business, or might like to see a demo, please contact us today.