Be cautious when installing apps on your android phone

by | Jun 10, 2022 | Security

Android green robot logo. Blog topic: exercise caution when installing new apps on your android phone

Researchers have discovered more malicious apps on the Google Play Store, including some that are designed to steal users’ personal information.  The researchers advise users to be careful when downloading apps from the Google Play Store, and to only install apps from trusted sources. While people may search for lists of malicious apps, or hope to find an app to scan for malicious code, exercising extra care goes just as far.

When you install an app on your Android phone, you’re giving that app access to a lot of sensitive information, possibly including your multi-factor authentication codes. That’s why it’s important to be careful about which apps you install. Make sure you only install apps from reputable sources, and that you read the permissions carefully before giving an app access to your sensitive data.

Updates should be installed through the Google play store, and not the applications directly – if an app uses a third-party mechanism to update itself, it can bypass Google’s malware scanning checks. 

VIPsupport customers should be cautioned that SpireTech does not manage updates on your phones – it is up to you to keep your apps updated and secure, and to watch for sensitive data exposure.  We also encourage clients to use the Outlook app on your mobile device for work email – and not a third-party or the phone manufacturer’s pre-installed app.