End-of-life for Sophos XG Firewall

by | Aug 5, 2022 | Security, Web

If you depend on Sophos for your firewall, beware of the end-of-life date on August 17, 2022. On that day, Sophos firewall series XG 85, XG 105 and Sophos Firewall OS v17.5 reaches its end-of-life and will stop receiving security updates. If you are using these models of hardware, you need to plan on replacing them immediately. Failing to do so will result in a worsened level of security.

Fire with a brick wall in front of it, protecting a desktop computer

Key contacts at affected managed services customers have already received an email from us requesting approval to replace end-of-life firewalls. If this is something you would like off your plate, contact our team about upgrading to our VIPSupport.

Now, though many of the suggestions for the aging XG series are clear successors in the XGS series, this is best for people who know they will reconsider their firewall options in three years or less. This timeframe is vital to know if you are looking for long-term firewall protection. 

What firewall protection should you choose, if you are in the group that needs to replace?  As a global security leader, Sophos has put together a chart that even technophobes or the tech-illiterate can understand (or, understand what to search!). Our rendition is below.


However, with increased work from home and bandwidth connections, we are currently recommending a minimum of a XGS107 for performance reasons, and higher in many cases.

More than 400,000 groups depend on Sophos for cybersecurity for defense against hacker attacks, firewall protection, and antivirus software. But a few of their users might be surprised by the following end-of-life announcement mid-August 2022, despite company’s best efforts to inform their base. Don’t let yourself be one of them.

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