Five Warning Signs You’re With the Wrong MSP

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Managed Services, Business

person frustrated with their IT MSP. | SpireTech

In the digital age, a reliable IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) makes the entire workflow of your employees’ days easier.  But how can you tell if your current MSP is the wrong fit? Here are five warning signs that the company providing you with IT Services will be a persistent problem and it might be time to reconsider. 

1. Long Wait Times 

The only thing that can make an IT crisis worse is if help response times are slow or nonexistent. If your MSP is taking too long to respond or even worse, not responding at all, it’s a clear sign that IT Services provider is not prioritizing your business or your business’s needs. A good MSP understands the urgency of IT issues and ensures they are addressed promptly and efficiently. 

2. Lack of IT Strategy Advice 

Moreover, an MSP should be more than just a problem solver; they should be a strategic partner geared towards growing your company. If your MSP isn’t offering advice on IT strategy or IT planning, or its poor, insufficient advice, they’re not fully invested in your business’s growth and development. A proactive MSP will help you plan for the future, advising on technology trends and helping you make informed decisions.  

This is necessary in today’s digital landscape: with such quick trends and developments, planning ahead is the only way to stay on top of it.  

3. Rude Technicians 

Professionalism is imperative in any business relationship. If a person is met with rudeness or condescension when reaching out for help, the problem won’t be solved well, and the person may be less likely to call in again.  

Technicians should be courteous, patient, respectful, and be able to meet clients at any tech knowledge level. Rude technicians only ever make a problem worse.  

4. Ignoring Security Concerns 

In today’s world, cyber threats are ever-present and evolving constantly. If your MSP is ignoring security concerns or not adequately addressing security breaches that have already happened, it’s a huge red flag.  

A competent MSP will have robust security measures in place and will continuously monitor your systems for any potential threats. Responding to threats is also a major function of an MSP offering IT Services. If they don’t adequately address that, where else are they lacking? 

5. High Employee Turnover 

A high employee turnover rate at your MSP can lead to inconsistent service and lack of familiarity with your business’s specific needs. Unless they keep extensive files, you could be stuck explaining the same problem each time you call in, every tech as unfamiliar as the last.  

A high rate of employee turnover could also indicate internal issues within the MSP that could affect their ability to deliver quality service. 


Your IT Support MSP plays a pivotal role in the smooth operation and growth of your business. If you’re experiencing long wait times, lack of strategic advice, rudeness from technicians, ignored security concerns, high employee turnover, or inadequate cybersecurity measures, it’s time to reconsider your current MSP. 

Remember, the right business partner is not just a service provider but a strategic partner that helps your business navigate the complex world of technology. They should be responsive, strategic, professional, security-focused, stable, and robust in their cybersecurity measures.  

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