I Don’t Google Things Anymore

by | Mar 1, 2024 | Web, Business

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Finding the best answers on the internet can be a challenging and time-consuming task for busy professionals. Searching the web can result in a lot of irrelevant or outdated information, and sifting through the information can take far longer than you want to give.  

However, there is a way to find the best answers online in seconds, without having to search through unreliable or unnecessary results. That’s where Copilot for web search comes in. It is a great tool for professionals who want to improve their business productivity. 

What is Copilot? 

In case you don’t know by now, Copilot is an AI-powered tool that helps professionals find the best answers on the internet. It works like a personal assistant, but smarter and faster. Professionals just type in their question, and Copilot will search the web for the most relevant and reliable sources, and then summarize the key points for them. Users can also refine their query by adding filters, such as date, location, language, or domain. Copilot will adjust the results accordingly and provide them with the most suitable answer. 

This article talks about Copilot for web search, as opposed to the Copilot accessible in Microsoft’s suite of apps. The experience of using Copilot for web search is impressive enough to stand on its own.

Copilot is a powerful tool for searching for answers on the Internet specifically because it can understand complex and diverse queries, find and summarize the most relevant sources, filter and verify the results by various criteria, provide multiple perspectives and evidence on the same topic, and is constantly learning and improving from user feedback. 

 Microsoft’s Copilot has several advantages over a human searching for those answers, such as much faster and more efficient data processing and analysis, access and integration of information from various sources and formats, avoidance of human biases and errors, and constant adaptation and update of its knowledge base. The speed, however, is what makes the tool go from useful to irreplaceable.  

How to get Copilot for Business

Formerly known as Bing Chat Enterprise, Copilot for Business is available and free for Microsoft 365 users who subscribe to at least the Business Standard tier. This means Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Microsoft 365 E3, and Microsoft 365 E5 tiers are included as well. It will be available as a standalone product eventually with a price of $5/user per month. It is a Copilot web search available to businesses, differing from the standard Copilot search in a few key ways.

Why does using this version of Copilot for your business matter? The chat in Copilot for Business is private and protected. There is Commercial Data-level protection, promising that user and business data will not leave the organization. As the information passes from user to Bing, it is protected in transit. Microsoft does not have access to the information at all, nor is the data used to train large language models.

If you want to use it for your organization, a global administrator will need to enable it.  SpireTech will do this for free for VIP Support clients that request it – please have your authorized contact email the service desk requesting that it be turned on for your company. 

How to Use Copilot for Searching

If Edge is your Internet browser of choice, after activating Copilot for Business for your organization there should be a Copilot icon at the top right corner of your Internet browser. Clicking this will open up a chat that is very familiar if you have already experimented with Copilot online. From there, it is as easy as chatting with your new favorite smart chatbot. Ask Copilot questions, get ideas for new topics, summarize web pages, and a dozen other things. Copilot is so useful, you’ll eventually wonder how you ever used the Internet without it.

If you don’t prefer Edge, don’t worry. Going to either https://bing.com/chat/ or https://copilot.microsoft.com/ will give you the same experience.

How can Copilot boost day-to-day business? 

Copilot can help working professionals save time, money, and effort, and improve their business productivity in many ways. Microsoft also introduced Copilot for Business, which means that your chat history and business data are not used in training LLMs, large language models. If you’re a client of SpireTech, we are able to turn this on for you if necessary.

Here are some of the benefits of using Copilot: 

  • Find the best answers to their questions in seconds, without having to waste time on irrelevant or outdated results. 
  • Access the most reliable and authoritative sources, without having to worry about the credibility or accuracy of the information. The sources are cited; a human can overview every part of an answer. 
  • Get concise and clear summaries of the key points, without having to read long and complex articles. 
  • Learn new things and expand their knowledge, without having to spend hours on research. 

How reliable is Copilot? 

One of the main concerns that professionals may have about using an AI-powered tool to find answers on the internet is the reliability of the information. How can they trust that Copilot will provide them with accurate and trustworthy answers? 

Luckily for us, Copilot uses advanced algorithms and natural language processing to analyze and evaluate the sources and the information that it finds on the web. It only selects the sources that are relevant, reliable, and authoritative, and it cross-checks the information with multiple sources to ensure its accuracy. It also provides links to the original sources, so that people can verify the information themselves if they want to. 

Copilot is not a replacement for human judgment or critical thinking, but it is a useful tool that can help professionals find the best answers on the internet in seconds. It can help them make informed decisions, based on the most reliable and up-to-date information available. 

Ending Thoughts

Copilot is a powerful and innovative tool that can help professionals find the best answers on the internet in seconds. It can help them save time, money, and effort, and improve their business productivity. Whether they need to find a solution to a problem, a fact to support their argument, or a new idea to inspire them, Copilot can help them. Internet searches are here to stay, but Copilot is here to make searches a little easier. Copilot is a tool that can help professionals achieve more with less.