Welcome Sarah, Your New Best Friend

by | Aug 5, 2022 | Company News and Announcements, Managed Service Client updates

New team member Sarah N standing in front of the ocean.

SpireTech is excited to welcome Sarah N. to our team! Stay on the lookout for this new worker bee, because she is the go-between you, the customer, and us, the IT support. As further celebration of Sarah’s new position as Client Account Specialist, this article is all about Sarah.

Even in my limited interactions with her just in conducting the interview for this article, it is obvious that Sarah is a kind, open, and helpful person.

SpireTech believes we stand out from other managed IT support companies in Portland because we pride ourselves in our care and attention towards our customers. We want every interaction with our team to be pleasant—or at least as pleasant as it can be!

Conversations with Sarah are pleasant from the start. The interview was comfortable, despite us being strangers to each other—something the customers who interact with her will experience too. Sarah said that it was the prospect of interacting with people that excited her about this position.

“I think it’s nice just to be a sounding board for them,” Sarah said, about why she enjoys working with problem-solving people. “To kind of cheerlead them to their finish line.”

As client account specialist, Sarah will be one of the points of contact between our clients and our technical team. She acts as an intermediary, handling the relationship, escalations, contractual issues, and any thorny non-technical issues that may arise.  If something needs fixing, please bring it to her attention.  Ultimately, she’ll be reaching out, getting to know key client contacts, and performing regular check-ins. 

In Sarah’s words, “It’s hard to wear two hats. It’s hard to be focused on tech all day and then talk to people.” She’s also a natural problem-solver, something I experienced firsthand in just trying to schedule this interview. Not only will she work hard to find an answer, she will also take the time to understand the root of the issue. Because, as she expressed, sometimes a different solution can be found if something earlier in the process changes.

 What do you want other people to know about you?

“I like trying new things. I like going new places. I like meeting new people… I have an adventurous spirit.” Sarah went on to describe the boat she and her partner are currently living on and renovating simultaneously. Eventually, travel is the goal.

“As soon as we have it fixed up,” she said, “we don’t plan to be at the marina very often… The idea is that in retirement we just sort of sail away.”

We are excited for our clients to walk away from a conversation with Sarah with a problem solved and in a better mood. Talking with her was a delight, and it will be for you too. Welcome, Sarah, to the SpireTech family! We are lucky to have you.