Billing Changes coming in Spring

by | Mar 7, 2023 | Company News and Announcements, Business, Managed Service Client updates

In a few short months, SpireTech is going to change to a new billing system. This change also allows SpireTech to become more efficient and productive.  It will also improve the experience for accounts payable staff at our clients through improved functionality and systems integration. 

You may have noticed other changes we implemented recently, like Service Desk dispatch and scheduling, and improvements to our ticketing system and website.  Like many of you, our valued clients, we are always changing, growing, and improving our systems and processes.  

The change in billing system is one way we are choosing to future-proof SpireTech and the best care for our clients. We expect billing to look, feel, and be more efficient, with a friendlier user interface, and clear, itemized billing. The new system will separately invoice your monthly expenses from any additional one-off costs that may have occurred, such as project labor or onsite services.  

The new system will also allow multiple methods of payment: automatic ACH payments, credit cards, or buy now pay later financing options. Ultimately, clients will have better control over payment methods for various types of invoices. 

Merchant fees 

In a typical calendar year, merchant fees cost SpireTech nearly the amount of another full-time helpdesk employee.   

With our new billing system, we will be integrating with a new merchant processor.  This processor will pass along Credit card merchant fees to the customer in the form of a 3% surcharge for customers choosing to pay by credit card.   

We want to encourage customers to move to ACH payments, which will be available at no charge. This is an instant and free option that we believe will be convenient for many of you. In the future, we may also add a surcharge for clients who wish to continue payment by check due to the labor cost of manually processing payments. 

Stay tuned 

The new billing system is part of an ongoing effort at SpireTech to improve our software tools, automate business processes, reduce labor costs, and stay on the cutting edge. SpireTech strives to be the best for ourselves and our clients. We continue to be grateful for clients who trust us and who adapt with us. There will be more information about this in the coming weeks. Expect to see an update soon.