SpireTech celebrates its 30th year in business

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Company News and Announcements, Business, Managed Services, SpireTech Labs

30 years ribbon for SpireTech. Outsourced IT for business, local to Portland, Oregon, since 1993.

On a Thursday in late February thirty years ago in 1993, Spire Technologies, Inc was founded. The World Wide Web, what we think of as the Inernet today, was created by Swedish programmer Tim Berners-Lee one year before, in 1992.  

President Scott Cook reflects on this change from the 20th anniversary blog, ten years ago: “After our third employee talked us into starting Internet services, and eating a lot of Top Ramen, being an ISP worked out for us – but it wasn’t easy. I was in my early twenties, the Internet was new, and recall going into meetings to convince clients why they needed email (yes, really).” 

For a business to be able to survive and grow in an industry as tumultuous and changing as technology and the Internet, there’s got to be something special about it. Our CEO Scott Cook often says, “The only constant in this business is change.” This echoes the sentiment of Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft: “Our industry does not respect tradition, it respects innovation.”  

We’re proud of the work we do at SpireTech, from the way we answer the phone, to future-proofing your business.  

We could not have achieved this without the continued support of our wonderful clients. We have many customers who have been working with us for years, or decades! We even have a few from the very beginning.  

Working with businesses local to Portland has been a great joy over the years. It is incredibly rewarding to help others’ businesses thrive. We do not take the responsibility lightly and appreciate your trust in us. The referrals we have received from current clients are incredibly valuable. Your recommendation is the greatest compliment we could receive.  

If you have worked with us for a while, you may chuckle if we say this company doesn’t care much for frills and flash. This singular blog post celebrating SpireTech’s 23rd birthday is quite short indeed: “Yes – Spire turns 23 today.  We’ll be celebrating a bit today during the lunch hour!  Thanks for your support all these years!”  

SpireTech will always provide the best IT care to fit your business needs. We are excited for growth and changes to come. Here is to the first thirty years of our business, and here’s to thirty more.