SpireTech moves to a new address

by | Mar 30, 2023 | Company News and Announcements, Business, Managed Service Client updates

SpireTech is moving our offices to a new location in Clackamas, Oregon. What we need you, our clients, to do is to update your accounting with our new address before April 14th, when our PO Box closes.  

We have been at this location for over twenty years, we are sad to see it go. We are excited to discover together what the future will bring for SpireTech.  

New Address 

Spire Technologies, Inc. 
10121 SE Sunnyside Road, Suite 300 
Clackamas, OR 97015 

Here is a picture of the uptime on one of the Cisco switches that used to connect servers in our datacenter: over 9 years!  One of our owners had to power it down – it was a bit of a sad day. 

An owner of SpireTech powering down servers that had run for almost 10 years.
The runtime of some of SpireTech's servers: 9 years, 22 weeks, and 4 days.