Huntress Active Threat hunting now included 

by | Apr 8, 2022 | Security, Business, Company News and Announcements, Managed Services

Moving forward in 2022 SpireTech VIPSupport managed services package renewals will have Huntress included in the base package.

Huntress is specialized Managed Detection and response software backed by humans that looks for persistent footholds, backdoors, and other sorts of malware that anti-virus technology misses.  When we tested huntress on over 1000 computers, we found that 2% of those systems contained things that conventional anti-virus software missed, the most common problem was banking trojans – lying in wait to steal bank passwords. 

Each threat detected gets analyzed by their ThreatOps team, a remediation plan is developed, and put into action – usually without needing any disruption of the person working.  If ransomware is detected, Huntress will isolate the system from the internet and network to prevent spread. 

Huntress puts ransomware canaries on each protected system.  These canaries are files that if modified, indicate possible ransomware activity – and Huntress will investigate. 

Huntress also scans your firewalls for open ports using an external recon feature.  These open ports are possible vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit when firewalls are not kept up to date with patching. 

We felt that the value and additional peace of mind brought by having huntress installed was enough to add it to our base managed services package.  SpireTech VIPsupport managed services clients signing updated service agreements in April 2022 onward will have huntress included.