New Billing System is Here

by | May 31, 2023 | Business, Company News and Announcements, Managed Service Client updates

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June 2023 is the first month our clients will receive invoices through our new support portal. Invoices through this new system will be cleaner, include more details, and billable items more obvious.  

As we said previously, invoices will now arrive on the 1st of each month, instead of our previous system of invoicing for the month ahead.  Because of this, invoices will now have a net 15 due date. 

Please note that choosing to pay with a credit card with will include an additional 3% processing fee from our merchant processor. ACH is also available, with no additional surcharge. You will need to reenter your payment information, regardless of your chosen payment method.  If you wish to setup automatic payments for invoices (after you have entered your payment method), let our team know and we can configure that for you. 

Device and subscription counts will be updated automatically under this new billing system. Up to this point, we have been relying on a manually-updated and honor system to provide counts of your devices. Some clients may notice increased device counts once billed by the new system.  

We made this change for the long term, improving our invoices, reports, and billing system. This software integrates with multiple systems, leading to better management. Thank you for trusting us as we implement this new system.