New SpireTech Customer Portal is Live

by | May 31, 2023 | Business, Company News and Announcements, Managed Service Client updates, Managed Services

Image of SpireTech's new customer portal.

SpireTech’s new customer portal has launched! This something exciting we have been working hard on for months, and we can’t wait for everyone to try it out. This platform is more capable and user-friendly than our previous ticketing and billing system.  

The portal can be found at  You can login with your M365 account credentials or contact the Service Desk for assistance.  It is our strong preference that people use their existing M365 account. 

This portal is going to be a centralized place to view and create support tickets, view your ticket history, and so on.  If you have administrative permissions within your company, you will be able to view all tickets made for your company, invoices, computer and server assets, and as we expand the system, additional reports.  This is an incredibly versatile infrastructure that we are excited to grow into in the months to come. This is not only an excellent organizational move to improve our current processes, but this could also expand into new processes and features later.  

June 2023 is the first month our clients will receive invoices through this new portal.  The people responsible for accounts payable within your organization should refer to the next article regarding changes to invoices and payments.