By now we hope that our clients understand that IT security is never “done”.  It is a constantly evolving and maturing process involving additional tools, training, and knowledge.  This image shows the journey many clients are on with us to improve and mature the security posture of your organizations.  Some of you fall in different places on this journey – do you know where your company sits? 

As mentioned in the previous article, we are now including Huntress threat hunting in our VIPSupport managed services packages.  We are referring to the current iteration of our managed services plan as “version 3.5” or “v3.5”. We encourage all clients to be on at least v3.5 or better for security purposes. 

This is an evolutionary journey, and some clients are hesitant to increase expense to further limit risk by implementing additional security services.  Limiting the “included” security features, while we feel it is important, helps keep the base price affordable for cost-sensitive clients. 

Currently available à la carte add-ons are solutions for email/phish security and employee security training: 

  • Proofpoint, an enhanced spam and phish email filtering solution. 
  • Breach secure now, an employee phish training and security awareness tool.  It also includes dark web monitoring, employee secure scores. 

Many cyber insurance policies require additional email / phish protection and employee security awareness training.  If your company has or is considering purchasing a cyber insurance policy, or you simply want the highest IT security available for your company, you will want to consider our full security offerings.  Let us know if you’d like to upgrade today.