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Apr 1, 2021

On the one-year anniversary of our cloud server migration solution, we’d like to re-post a youtube video of it in action:

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We’ve recently had discussions with clients that are considering strategies for closing their offices and going entirely virtual.  Some clients still need to have windows servers, and their employees are currently connecting to a mostly empty office and using a VPN to access their applications and data.

Are you paying for an empty office too?  Did you know SpireTech has a datacenter?  You may be able to relocate your server and firewall to our datacenter, and save a ton of money on office rent.  Your connectivity will improve too, due to the much higher internet speeds available in our datacenter.

Server colocation with SpireTech starts at only a few hundred dollars per month – and includes fault-tolerant, very high speed internet, UPS and generator power.  Options and prices are available at our Portland Server Colocation website.  If you are interested, give us a call today to discuss and get a free quote.  Read more...

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We’re upgrading the bandwidth in our Portland colocation facility to have four times the current bandwidth.  Part of the upgrade has already been completed, and the rest will be completed in May.  We’ll be increasing the included data transfer and port speeds for all hosting and colocation customers without additional cost.   

These Internet feeds are datacenter-grade fiber connections, connected into redundant, carrier-grade, Cisco routers, running a routing protocol called BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) that, among many things, efficiently routes traffic through the most direct available Internet feed.   

We’re pleased to be able to upgrade our datacenter and pass the improvements along to our customers, and appreciate the continued patronage of our colocation, VPS, and web hosting customers supporting our locally-owned Portland business. 

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rackSpireTech recently upgraded carrier contracts with Level 3 and Electric Lightwave to double the bandwidth available at its Portland Datacenter. Both telecommunications providers have installed upgraded gear as part of the effort.  The feeds also run BGP, which is a routing protocol that automatically fails over in the event of a feed being unreachable. When additional bandwidth is needed, the equipment allows for future upgrades.

SpireTech also lowered Colocation prices around 20%, while doubling available bandwidth available to servers hosted in its datacenter. SpireTech also greatly reduced pricing for Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and introduced new hosting packages, along with high-availability options.

SpireTech President Scott Cook said: “We always try to provide good value and transparent pricing for our clients. By lowering prices and increasing speeds, we maintain our competitive edge in the Portland market”.

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