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Considering year end IT upgrades?

Now is the time to have that chat with your CPA to see if spending any of your hard-earned profit this year may help lower your tax 2013 liability.  In our case, we "saved" about 1/3 the cost on our taxes by spending some of it this year. The IRS ratchets up the...

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Do you have an old file server?

During the economic downturn, many of our clients deferred server upgrades for longer than is wise or recommended.  Now that the worst of the recession seems over, many companies are replacing aged file servers.  In addition to the usual Windows Server...

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Microsoft Surface – RT vs. PRO

Microsoft Surface The release of Microsoft's tablet, Surface, has been causing a lot of ripples in the tech community. The first version is available now, but not many people have got their hands on it yet.  There have been more questions asked  about the...

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Microsoft Surface Making Ripples

More rumors emerge from the internet about Microsoft's Surface tablet. At Microsoft's TechReady15 conference, they stated all of the retail prices were laid out - the new tablet will become available on October 26th and start at $199. This comes as a pleasant surprise...

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Many Questioning Microsoft’s Moves

The release of the Microsoft operating system, Windows 8, and tablet, Surface, has been announced. October 26th is the date that will set Microsoft's fate, for better or worse. The backlash from the direction the industry giant is taking has already begun. Most of the...

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Tablet Wars

Both Microsoft and Google presented a new tablet in the last few weeks of June. Over the coming months we'll explore the features and flaws of these devices as more detail is exposed. There will be time to explore the differences as we highlight each of these devices...

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Your Mouse is Obsolete

A relatively new startup in the bay, Leap Motion, has been causing a stir as they have unveiled the fruits of this last year's labor - an affordable, fast, motion detection system for the PC and Mac. It has already been hailed as the final blow to the mouse. Since the...

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