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2020 was a year of fairly flat growth at SpireTech.  We imagine this has a lot to do with economic uncertainty related to Covid.  We’re hoping that the floodgates will open for new business as the vaccine becomes available, businesses re-open, and pent-up demand for work that has been put on hold will get things moving again.  We feel for all the small business owners that were forced to close or restrict activities during this time.   

Review of 2020 Business Activity  

We spent a lot of the year focused on improving security, moving to the cloud, and enabling work from home.  Some of the areas we worked on include: 

  • Rollout of new services supporting and installing M365 business voice 
  • New M365 Security Pack service offering designed to increase client tenant security 
  • Increased service desk staff to reduce response times 
  • Increased focus on training – each staff member is encouraged to spend 10% of their time each week on continuing education and skill development 
  • Implementing EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) business management processes 

We’ve also been continuing to attend conferences and quarterly IT business peer group events (virtually) to keep up on current trends and best practices.   Read more...

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Cybersecurity is not something you want to slack on. Too many companies think that installing a suite of antivirus and anti-malware software is enough to protect them from malicious attackers, but in the world of phishing scams and social engineering attacks, that just isn’t enough.