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used with permission from HP Technology at Work


These days, a notebook without an internet connection is like a bicycle without pedals. You can still use it, but you won’t get very far. That’s why it’s all the more frustrating when you lose your wireless internet connection and your IT department or helpful officemate aren’t there to provide a quick fix.

A savvy user, however, doesn’t have to be at the mercy of other people’s schedules. With a few simple troubleshooting tips—and a basic understanding of how your wireless network is set up—you can easily take care of many common issues yourself and quickly return to peak productivity. Here’s how [1].

Looking for trouble

Fixing your wireless internet connection is in large part a process of elimination. You need to check each link in the chain that takes you online and determine which link is—or is not—causing the issue. For most environments, you’ll find the problem in one of these four areas:



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