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For those of you on Microsoft Authenticator and getting push notifications to approve sign-ins on your email and Microsoft online services, congratulations!  You’ve just added another layer of security to your account.  However – a word of advice: if you get a prompt on your phone to approve a sign-in to your account and you aren’t getting a prompt at your computer – please don’t blindly hit approve. 

This can legitimately happen if your computer is on and you aren’t sitting in front of it – but it can wait until you’re back in front of it to verify it’s really you that prompted that authentication popup. What you never want to do is “approve” someone else that has your password to get into your account.  Only hit approve when you know it’s you that’s doing the asking. 

 If you aren’t on MFA yet – we’ll be getting around to you soon.   


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With recent headlines, has your company considered what might happen if your employees needed to work from home suddenly?  Does your company have policies and procedures in place for working remotely?  SpireTech can help you get ready.

Things to consider might include:

  • A revision to your employee manual adding work-from-home policies, including computer security, timekeeping, communication, and home office standards
  • Setting up VPN, OneDrive for business, or SharePoint access to company data
  • Configuring BYOD (Bring-your-own-device) and MDM (Mobile device management) policies using Microsoft 365 to secure company data
  • Technical documentation and instructions for employees to setup work-from-home access
  • Installing company software on home computers when appropriately licensed, such as Office 365, which allows up to five devices per user
  • Implementing multi-factor authentication and secure password policies
  • Setting up office chat using Microsoft Teams or Slack
  • How employees will access business phone lines, forward calls, and check voicemail from outside the office
  • Determine which software will work from outside the office, and which won’t

If you’d like some help getting your staff ready to work from home, get in touch to start the conversation.  Read more...