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SpireTech introduces Managed WordPress hosting

In response to customer demand for increased site security, SpireTech is now offering Managed WordPress Hosting.  The package includes monthly security updates to your WordPress site, and several other features:  Monthly security updates to the WordPress framework,...

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3 million SSL certificates abruptly revoked

Let’s encrypt, an industry nonprofit that issues free SSL certificates, had to revoke 3M certificates Wednesday March 4, 2020 due to a bug.  SSL is the technology that gives websites the https “padlock” and is often used to secure other things like mail servers....

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SpireTech Webmail gets a new look!

Many of our @spiretech.com email customers have been using our SquirrelMail webmail interface for years. However, as time has gone by, SquirrelMail has received very few updates to remain current with the latest security standards. Therefore, we are making the transition to a new webmail interface called Roundcube.

At present, both interfaces are available, but we will be retiring the SquirrelMail interface at the end of March 2019. We recommend that you visit the new Roundcube interface by visiting https://mail.spiretech.com.

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New server or move to the cloud?

used with permission from HTS Many organizations we talk to are starting to think about their next server upgrade. Here are some common questions we get. Do I need a server? What about the cloud? Is there a less expensive way? These are all good questions. The answers...

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