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Tech trends forecast for 2023 

Remote flexibility  According to a 2022 LinkedIn report, remote positions drew nearly half of all applicants. The amount of people applying to remote or flexible positions has risen nominally from 2021 to 2022, while the amount of remote jobs available has...

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TikTok Hack Breaks Accounts

There was an exploitation available in the Android version of TikTok that would have allowed hackers to effectively take and shut down a user’s account with one click. This bug was present in just the Android version of the app. Luckily, the issue was found and...

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Teams features continue to improve

Microsoft Teams continues to get better.  Microsoft has introduced several new features:  Together mode– puts everyone in the meeting in a virtual room together, instead of the usual “box for each person”.  You can customize the setting for the room. We thought this...

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A whole new world

Many things are changing in the world right now, and technology is no exception.  As usual, we are spending a lot of time on R&D, training, and investigating new technology.  Why do you care?  Because we see...

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