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A.K.A. how I weaned myself off my iPad for good.

4k Viewsonic monitor connected to Surface Pro 3
4k Viewsonic monitor connected to Surface Pro 3

So recently I upgraded my old boat-anchor notebook for something small and light, eg a Surface Pro 3.  Unlike my old laptop, which had a 21″ screen (yes) and matching wheel-bag to haul it around with, the Surface sports a little 12″ screen.

So I needed a new external monitor, and was contemplating a two-monitor setup like many of us use here. I determined that for the price of two smaller monitors, I could buy one 28″ 4k monitor (yes, that’s 3840×2160 resolution) and hook it up to the Surface’s  mini displayport connector.

I had some concerns that text might be too small at that resolution, but on the 28″ monitor it is just fine for me.  I can use the windows-right and windows-left arrow keys to dock programs on the left or right side of the screen and simulate a two-monitor setup.  Read more...