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Windows on an iPad? Ask us how.

We thought we’d revisit last month’s article about the new iPad (aka the iPad 3) and give our impressions after nearly 30 days of ownership.  Is it worth the $500 (at least) to upgrade?  How did the upgrade experience go?  What about that battery life and heat?

Coming from an iPad 1, the new iPad is much faster.  That speed was my primary motivating factor to part with $500 hard-earned dollars for the basic wifi model.  As a fairly heavy iPad user, I had grown weary of type-ahead delays where the keyboard doesn’t respond to keystrokes for several seconds.  I wanted web pages to respond faster and typing to be delay free.  I wanted youtube videos to load without stopping every 15 seconds.  And, I wanted to be able to read my electronic magazine subscriptions and books without having to zoom the text so much.  Read more...

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iPadApple has released it’s newest iteration of iPad tablet and remains dominant in the tablet market. The original iPad’s release was a revolution in modern personal computing and the new iPad lives up to it’s origins. The new iPad includes some nice upgrades to the processor, screen technology and resolution, and the camera on the back. These come at the cost of additional width and weight when compared to the iPad 2.

The new feature that we are most excited to see is the new display. Dubbed a Retina Display, it boasts a high definition 2048 x 1536 resolution with 264 PPI; pixels small enough to barely be distinguishable by the eye. That blows most desktop monitors out of the water, let alone rival tablets. Desktop monitors can do 2560×1600, but you’d be hard pressed to find better than 150 PPI. Even the iPad 2 was limited to 1024×768 at 132 PPI.  Read more...

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In response to an article at The Daily that Office for the iPad coming in the next few weeks, Microsoft denied it’s developing an iPad version of Office Suite; a move that suggests they want to strengthen their own attempt into the tablet arena. This comes as a curious and cynical play by the software giant. The market for tablet computing is growing quickly; the iPad is the front runner with current competition from Android and Kindle. Microsoft is set to throw their hat in the ring with its next release of Windows which has a heavy focus toward a tablet interface. (See the next article for information about Windows 8). What doesn’t make sense about this is there are ways to use Office products on an iPad using iPad workplace integration tools like Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (previously known as terminal server), or from companies like Citrix. The browser versions of office available on office 365 also work on Safari on the iPad as well.  Read more...

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It seems like touchscreen technology just came into our lives, yet we already take it for granted that when we touch an icon on our device a very specific action will be preformed. We expect the device to get it right, each time.

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There’s a significant difference between Android smartphones and Apple’s iPhones. Android phones, powered by Google, allow for an impressive level of customization. Android phones are open source

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In November of 1971, Intel released the Intel 4004 . It was the first CPU on a single chip! This week it celebrated its 40th birthday. This tiny microprocessor changed computing forever, so we want to say thank you

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In a world where technological advances pop up everyday in news-feeds and broadcasts, the annual T3 Gadget Awards is a microcosm of all of these advances in one place.  Like the Oscars for Technology, the T3 Gadget Awards nominate the most cutting-edge gadgets out today. With past releases like the iPad 2, Microsoft’s Kinect and huge advances in gaming, it’s worth a quick note to show some of the most important revelations which have taken place in 2011.  Over 960,000 votes, together with the final tabulations of a 6 person expert panel, determined the winners.  Here are just a few of the more interesting revelations, as well as some interesting–if not ironic–choices for winners.   

Ironic Winners

One of the most interesting aspects of the Awards are the categories themselves. They run the gamut of technology, and aren’t completely focused on gadgetry. For instance, there’s the Best Retailer award and even the Gadget Personality of the Year award. 


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Becoming greener is on many people’s agendas these days. Whether the intention is to save money or reduce the impact to the environment, this is true not only for individuals, but many high-tech companies as well. A necessity to knowing how to conserve energy is becoming aware of the aspects of your home or business that consume the most energy.

At the CEATEC conference this month in Japan, Toshiba and Intel announced a few of their upcoming plans to better allow companies to watch their energy usage. In this “Green Age,” it’s no surprise to see major players in the technology world coming forward with big developments that allow more regulation and monitoring of the amount of energy being used. Below are a few of the ecologically-forward changes and additions these two companies announced they will be implementing in 2012.


PC users will be able to monitor the energy consumption of their PC with the application Intel has developed.  Read more...

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The first time we heard the news that Apple was coming out with the next iPhone, we were as giddy as schoolchildren.  We all hoped that that it was going to be a game changing iPhone 5.  But, alas, it was not meant to be.  Instead, and with much fanfare, we got the iPhone 4S and we could only help but ask – is it just an iPhone 4 with a few more bells and whistles? Would it truly be worth the long wait in line?. Was the 4s destined to be revolutionary or evolutionary?  This is a brief look at the 3 most noticeable upgrades found in the iPhone 4S.


Maybe the most noticeable of the iPhone 4S upgrades can be found in its speed and power.  The 4S features a dual-core A5 chip found in the iPad 2, which makes opening apps, loading the browser, scrolling through home screens and countless other procedures much faster and smoother.   Read more...

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