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wordpress-logo-notext-rgbEnsuring that your website is protected against hackers is no longer a difficult task.  With the fast growth of WordPress sites, protecting yourself from outside intrusion is very important, and is as simple as clicking the update button. WordPress is frequently updated with new feature sets and security patches that protect websites from hackers.

The newest WordPress release, version 3.5.1, fixed several security vulnerabilities that affected all previous versions of WordPress. This vulnerability allowed hackers to remotely scan WordPress sites to search for information that would allow them to deface your website, and upload spam advertisements onto your page. Many sites that are still running older versions of WordPress are at risk of falling prey to these types of attacks simply because their site has not been updated.

We advise all WordPress users to update their site as soon as possible to ensure your website remains in your control.

However, hackers are not simply limited to software vulnerabilities, they can sometimes exploit simple passwords to gain access to your website.  Read more...

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We continue to grow. Spire Technologies now has hosting partnerships with two of the largest forces in the virtualization industry. Both VMware and Citrix have been innovators and leaders in the expanding market of virtualized computing and cloud based services; such as desktops, storage, and applications. This will allow us to offer our clients best-in-class services in for virtual servers and remote offices.  XenServer (Citrix) and ESX (VMware) combine to equal 80% of all virtual environments in use in the world today. SpireTech will soon host solutions from both of these developers, providing affordable monthly licensing of hosted, enterprise-grade cloud and virtual solutions for our customers.


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