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SpireTech is excited to announce that we have been accepted into Microsoft’s CSP (Cloud Service Provider) program at the direct, 1-Tier level.

SpireTech clients can now enjoy unified billing, support, and management services for Office 365 and Azure products. SpireTech President Scott Cook said “Adding Microsoft Cloud services to our portfolio is a natural extension of what we are already doing for our clients, including 100% local IT management services, VIP Support, and hosted private cloud services.”

SpireTech’s pricing for Office365 and available bundles can be viewed at: Office 365.

Office 365 through SpireTech is bundled with SpireTech’s 100% local VIP support services. Existing SpireTech clients that are subscribed to our Proactive support package will receive a discount off of our listed prices for Office 365.

For more information or assistance in selecting your Office365 solution, please contact us today.

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rackSpireTech recently upgraded carrier contracts with Level 3 and Electric Lightwave to double the bandwidth available at its Portland Datacenter. Both telecommunications providers have installed upgraded gear as part of the effort.  The feeds also run BGP, which is a routing protocol that automatically fails over in the event of a feed being unreachable. When additional bandwidth is needed, the equipment allows for future upgrades.

SpireTech also lowered Colocation prices around 20%, while doubling available bandwidth available to servers hosted in its datacenter. SpireTech also greatly reduced pricing for Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and introduced new hosting packages, along with high-availability options.

SpireTech President Scott Cook said: “We always try to provide good value and transparent pricing for our clients. By lowering prices and increasing speeds, we maintain our competitive edge in the Portland market”.

More information can be had at

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On March 17th, SpireTech will join many other tech professionals and vendors exhibiting at Interface 2015 at the Oregon Convention center! If you only go to one IT trade show this year, Interface is the one to see. As a bonus, lunch is provided for registered guests.

SpireTech will be presenting our solutions for IT management, CTERA appliances, and our services. Stop by and say hi!

If you are involved in your company’s IT decision making process, you are invited to attend.

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2014 growth year in cloud services, hosting, and IT support
Last year was a welcome year of growth at SpireTech! I’d like to thank our wonderful clients and employees for making it possible.

Like many of our clients, during the recession we experienced flat or declining revenues. However, 2014 was a banner year for many businesses. Here’s what happened at SpireTech in 2014:

  • Hybrid cloud services: up over 200%
  • Exchange email hosting: up over 40%
  • Proactive IT support services: up over 30%
  • DSL internet: up over 10% (believe it or not)

It may be that a rising tide floats all boats, but we’d like to think that it’s also because we are doing a great job at helping our clients succeed! Thanks for your continued support, and here’s to a great 2015!

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Many small to mid-sized organizations are turning to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to help alleviate some of the strain on their internal IT resources, or take over the management of their network all together.

There are quite a few benefits to partnering with an MSP, from improved reliability to a better understanding of assets, which are all valuable in their own right. These are a few that top the list for most organizations considering some form of Managed IT Services…

So, first of all, what is ‘Managed IT Services’?

A quick Wikipedia search turns up the definition: “Managed services is the practice of outsourcing day-to-day IT management responsibilities as a strategic method for improving operations.”

A managed services provider (MSP) is defined as “…typically an information technology (IT) services provider, who manages and assumes responsibility for providing a defined set of services to their clients either proactively or as they determine that the services are needed.”  Read more...

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Free server promotion on our Private Cloud Drive and Servers starts Monday 12/16/2013. Offer good through Jan 31, 2014. Quantities are limited, so act now.  See flyer or call our office for details.



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Local file server replacement, collaboration capabilities among benefits of

Portland, OR – August 14, 2013

SpireTech, a 20-year old Portland-based IT company, has launched a unique “local” cloud storage service using technology from CTERA Networks, based in Palo Alto, CA.

The technology allows SpireTech’s business clients to replace or augment traditional in-house file servers with a cloud-connected server appliance. The appliance acts as a file server for fast employee access to data, while offering remote collaboration capabilities and access to files from outside the office via mapped drive letters, along with apps for iOS and Android devices. The CTERA appliance can also backup Windows, Mac, and Linux workstations and servers.

What makes the service different from traditional cloud-only service offers is that the primary file storage resides at the client’s business location, so if the internet or cloud provider goes down, normal business operations will continue. The cloud portal is needed for offsite backup, external team collaboration and folder invites only.  Read more...

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20years-156pxHow time flies. SpireTech was officially founded on Feb 25, 1993. Since we turn 20 next month, we are working on something fitting to celebrate (stay tuned for details)! Many clients that started using SpireTech for IT support in the beginning are still with us today. We are thankful for all the support of our loyal clients these past 20 years, and look forward to many more years to come.

I have many fond memories of technologies that have come and gone (and some not-so-fond ones, too). We have many tales from the trenches, and I’ve kept a small technology “museum” of sorts to remind me how much things change. Over the years, we’ve seen things that were at one time a huge part of our lives and business become completely irrelevant – programming languages, hardware, software, and even our means of connecting. I’m writing this article on my iPad, when my first portable computer was the size of a very large lunchbox, cost $4000, sported a 386 processor, and an orange gas plasma screen.  Read more...

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SpireTech has released a new high speed internet service to businesses in the area.  Times and technology move forward at haste every day and we’ve seen the need from clients for faster connections and more data transfer while remaining within a reasonable budget. Spiretech’s Metro Area Ethernet is delivered over fiber, and builds on our previous record of dependable internet, affordable service, and friendly support you’ve come to depend on. Be sure to contact us for more information.

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We recently gave the Spire Tech service vehicle a face lift – it’s now emblazoned with our logo. Quite a few people have asked about the skyline and where we got it. The pencil drawing of the iconic Portland skyline was hand drawn by Architect and artist Geoff Parker. The design was the sum of artistic license of a few people here in the office, and applied by SignTek in Beaverton, OR.  If you see us out on the road, say hi!


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