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Isaac Asimov once said, “The only constant is change.” This is not only true in life, but in business as well. One trend that has changed in recent years is the popularity of telecommuting. Although many people have differing opinions regarding this, it has not been around long enough, on a large enough scale, to see its true impact on business

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Have you noticed how the face of business has turned online. In the past getting your name out as a business was straightforward, hire an ad agency, get a billboard, simple

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Do you find yourself agonizing over every little detail? Does it take you three times as long to accomplish a task because you are trying to get it “just right?” If so, you might be a perfectionist? It’s not an uncommon personality trait to see in the business world and it can help to push people to strive to do their best. In extreme cases, though, it leads to wasted time and resources.  The outcome usually doesn’t justify the immense effort that went into it. If you find yourself in the web of extreme perfectionism, here are a few tips that can lead you out.

Make a Decision and Stick to it
You make good decisions; that’s the reason you’re managing the projects you are working on. So when you make a decision, stick to it. Try not to second-guess yourself – this just wastes time. Who’s to say your fourth or fifth decision will be any better or beneficial?

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